About us

Four decades of systematic human rights violations in the Islamic Republic prompted us (a group of human rights activists and journalists) to launch the “Rissmaan” Information Center (Royesh-e Sabz-e Mam-e Iran). By publishing news, videos, news, and exclusive reports, conversations, and statements in this information base, we become the voice of those whose human rights are not only violated every day but who do not have a voice to expose this blatant oppression.

The “Universal Declaration of Human Rights” illuminates our path in this difficult task. According to this “Declaration,” all human beings are not only born to free and equal in dignity and rights but also nothing in terms of race, color, gender, language, religion, political beliefs or any other beliefs, social-national origin, property, the place of birth, or the place where they are located, do not .distinguish them from each other

Since all human beings are entitled to social security, no person should be subjected to torture, cruel, inhuman, or degrading treatment, or punishment under any pretext.

Hence, we do our best to support those whose most basic rights have been violated, regardless of any attitude.

By sending your own news, reports, and videos, you can be a “Rissmaan” reporter in this rugged path and help us to be the voice of the “Voiceless People.”