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Statement 8 of the Human Rights Organization in protest of the visit of the commander Talaei to Canada

Rissmaan – Friday, February 4, 2022; Some human rights organizations, along with several human rights activists in Iran, issued a joint statement expressing concern over the recent visit of former Greater Tehran Police Chief Morteza Talaei to Canada and demanded from the Prime Minister of Canada to refuse to accept former IRGC commanders and all human rights violators in Canada. The full text of this statement is as follows: Canada should not be a safe haven for human rights abuses. We, the undersigned human rights organizations, share our serious concerns about the recent visit of Morteza Talaei to Canada, a human rights violator. We call on the Government of Canada to take immediate action to uphold its stated commitment to internationally recognized human rights law and warn of human rights violations that impunity in our home country does not mean exemption from punishment abroad. The free entry of a person like Morteza Talaei contains a dangerous message; The message is, in fact, an insult to Iranians seeking asylum in Canada. Since the severance of diplomatic relations with Iran in 2013, many Iranians continue to face challenges in this area: Canadian visa requirements that do not appear to apply to the former IRGC commander’s immigration case. When asked by an Iranian about Talaei‘s presence in Canada, how he felt, he replied: “I feel betrayed by the Canadian government.” Canada is a country that I now call home, so why should the government allow people who have oppressed us in Iran to be in Canada? In 2017, Canada passed a law called Magnitsky. This law means justice for the victims of corrupt foreign officials. According to this law, foreign officials who have conspired with each other in violation of human rights can be identified. This law is designed to protect refugees from such authorities. We call on the Government of Canada to investigate the case of Morteza Talaei. Especially for the gross violation of internationally recognized rights of those in foreign countries which demand and defend human rights and recognized freedoms. Human rights organizations have documented seemingly persistent violations of Talaei intolerance and cruelty. Talaei, a former Tehran police chief, commanded a force known for mass arrests, beatings, and torture and is notorious. He has organized a massive crackdown on peaceful demonstrations, including protesting students. Zahra Kazemi is an Iranian-Canadian citizen who was killed due to severe torture during his command. It is said that the Tehran police have investigated this woman’s death. Talaei is also the founder of what some call the “Hijab Police” in Tehran, a force committed to fighting what he calls “bad hijab,” in addition to being a former commander of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps. An institution that has been widely sanctioned for severe human rights violations, and its violence and atrocities have deep roots. Prime Minister, Declares Canada a haven for “that fleeing persecution, terror and war,” where “all human beings are cherished.” Therefore, this country should not be a safe haven for the people like Morteza Talaei. Human rights violators should not be included in the Prime Minister’s so-called “welcome everyone” campaign. The human rights organizations that signed the statement are as follows: 1. Abdul Rahman Boroumand Foundation 

  1. Collection of human rights activists in Iran 
  2. Iran Human Rights Organization 
  3. Siamak Pourzand Foundation 
  4. Kurdistan Human Rights Organization 
  5. Association for the Protection of the Human Rights of Azerbaijanis in Iran 
  6. Impact of Iran 
  7. All together against the death penalty



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