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Holding a court hearing for 2 detainees of the November 2019 protests in Mahshahr prison

Rissmaan – Tuesday, May 10, 2022; The trial of Abbas and Mohsen Driss, two detainees of the November 2019 protests, was held in Mahshahr Prison. This meeting was held in Mahshahr prison for security reasons, chaired by Judge Seyed Mehran Mehman Nawaz. In this part of the case, Abbas Driss is charged with “Kalashnikov assault and display of power with weapons of war and disturbing public order and carrying Kalash war weapons’ ‘ and Mohsen Driss Carrying and storing Kalash war weapons. The second part of the case is being investigated in the criminal court of a Mahshahr port regarding the murder of Reza Sayadi Kouikh, a member of the Special Forces Unit called Nupo. Abbas Driss is charged with “directing the premeditated murder of a Muslim man, Reza Sayadi Kouikh (a member of the NAJA Special Forces) by firing a Kalashnikov assault rifle” and Mohsen Driss with “assisting in the premeditated killing of a Muslim man by providing a weapon.”  A source familiar with this part of the case said, “Abbas Driss is accused of masterminding the killing of a security force by firing three war bullets at him. According to forensic theory, the bullets were fired from 80 to 120 meters and hit the victim’s forehead, heart, and throat. Shooting from this distance with such precision requires high military capability. According to the case file, it is equipped with ammunition, which the Driss brothers do not have, and whose weapon is the Kalashnikov. The second point is that the bullet entered from one side and exited from the other, and for this reason, forensic medicine was not able to identify the type of weapon. Also, after the Driss brothers objected to the theory of weapons and ammunition, the matter was referred to a three-member panel of experts in weapons and ammunition, and the board stated that, given the distance and type of weapon used, the shooting “could” lead to murder by Abbas Driss is done. “It means that the weapons expert board can not confidently say that three accurate shots were fired with this weapon and from this distance.” Mohsen and Abbas Driss were arrested on December 8, 2019, by the intelligence agents of Abolfazl Abbas Camp and were interrogated on December 9 in the Third Investigation Branch of the Mahshahr Port Court (Special Branch for Investigating the November Riots), headed by Judge Hassan Salemi. Abbas Driss, while accepting to attend the protest rallies on November 18, 2019, in Chamran town, denied any involvement in burning tires and closing the roads in Chamran town. Following the issuance of a two-month temporary detention order by the investigator, Mr. Driss was “transferred to the IRGC Intelligence Organization.” After being questioned by IRGC intelligence agents, Mr. Driss confessed to firing a Kalashnikov at security forces. He again denied involvement in the shooting of Reza Sayadi during the last defense in this branch of the investigation. The indictment of these citizens was finally issued on December 16, 2020, by Branch 2 of the Mahshahr Port Public and Revolutionary Prosecutor’s Office, headed by Judge Seyed Majid Hashemianpour. On December 19, it was approved by Seyed Latif Mousavi Seresht, Mahshahr Port Public and Revolutionary Prosecutor.



محسن دریس - عباس دریس

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