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سریال گاندو 2

Intelligence Power on TV Antenna

In the first days of the New Year, a police-intelligence-themed TV series, Gando 2, apparently tried to prove the IRGC dominance on the whole country.

Somayeh Kargar continued to be detained due to her inability to provide bail

Rissmaan – Saturday, April 24, 2021; Somayeh Kargar, a Kurdish resident from Ilam, is still being held in Qarchak prison in Varamin due to the inability to finance this amount, despite a 500 million Toman bail.


The bail was issued while Somayeh Kargar has been detained and undecided for more than 6 months.

 Somayeh Kargar suffered from a rare eye disease and was denied access to medication and medical care throughout her detention despite severe visual impairment.


سمیه کارگر

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