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سریال گاندو 2

Intelligence Power on TV Antenna

In the first days of the New Year, a police-intelligence-themed TV series, Gando 2, apparently tried to prove the IRGC dominance on the whole country.

Roozbeh Piri’s case was referred to the Tabriz Criminal Court

Rissmaan – Thursday, April 29, 2021; The case of Roozbeh Piri, an Azeri activist, was referred to Branch 103 of the Tabriz Criminal Court. He was summoned to Branch 16 of the Public Investigation and the Revolution in Tabriz on April 5, and was released on bail after being informed of the charges.

He was charged in this branch, headed by Judge Mousavi, on charges of “propaganda against the regime and spreading lies.”

Roozbeh Piri was summoned due to the publication of information about the physical condition of his brother Yashar Piri and his torture by security forces.


روزبه پیری

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