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سریال گاندو 2

Intelligence Power on TV Antenna

In the first days of the New Year, a police-intelligence-themed TV series, Gando 2, apparently tried to prove the IRGC dominance on the whole country.

Arrest of 13 residents of a village in Lorestan province for publishing images of the conflict

Rissmaan – Thursday, April 29, 2021; the police chief of Selseleh reported the arrest of 13 residents in connection with yesterday’s clash between police and residents of a village in the Kahman area. Police entitled them as “perpetrators of the conflict, instigators and publishers of images of the conflict.”

Yesterday, 8 videos and pictures of clashes and shootings by police forces against ordinary people in the Kahman area of ​​Aleshtar city, located in Lorestan province, were published on social media, in which several residents were reportedly injured in the incident.

“Following a clash in one of the villages of Kahman region and suppression of the residents’ uprooting of this village and repression and removing the occupation of the national lands of the region, the issue is especially on the agenda of the officers of this command,” said Askar Issaei. Selseleh police chief. Some other people have been identified and their arrest is on the police agenda.

The report does not mention the identities of the detainees.



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