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سریال گاندو 2

Intelligence Power on TV Antenna

In the first days of the New Year, a police-intelligence-themed TV series, Gando 2, apparently tried to prove the IRGC dominance on the whole country.

Reza Taleshian Jelodarzadeh on hunger strike in Fashafoyeh prison

Rissmaan – Wednesday, April 28, 2021; Reza Taleshian Jaloudarzadeh, a journalist imprisoned in the Greater Tehran Prison, went on a hunger strike to protest the failure to comply with his demands.

Reza Taleshian Jalodarzadeh, who is serving a three-year sentence in this prison, went on a hunger strike in March to protest the lack of medical care and medicine, and ended his strike after being taken to hospital and receiving medicine. 

On February 15, 2021, despite a seizure, he was denied hospitalization and proper medical care. As a result of this neurological attack, he had a serious vision problem in one of his eyes.



رضا طالشیان جلودارزاد

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